Pregnancy & Labour Support


Acupuncture is safe – and effective – during pregnancy. Acupuncture is not a substitute for Western prenatal medical care. Instead, it offers complementary care that has many benefits, and because acupuncture has very few side effects, many pregnant women now seek this alternative for a number of common pregnancy complaints.


Studies have shown acupuncture can help with stress, morning sickness, hip and low back pain, breech position, mild to moderate depression. It is becoming increasing common to use acupuncture in pregnancy and labour to enhance your wellness during this time.  

Tom works with your obstetrics team or midwife to help you through a healthy pregnancy, and as he is located in St Leonards he is close to his patients care centres at RNS hospital, the Mater Hospital and North Shore Private.


Acupuncture in Labour

Acupuncture can be used as a method of inducing post-term babies, and is increasing in popularity as women with uncomplicated pregnancies seek to avoid conventional medical induction, imposition of medical timeframes, and interventions that often follow. Acupuncture induction is safe and effective and works with the body to promote labour.

It is difficult to comment on what women can reasonably expect after an acupuncture induction treatment as no two pregnancies are ever the same and no two women come to treatment at the same stage of their pregnancy. From anecdotal experience, acupuncture is very effective in inducing women who are past their due dates, especially if they are prepared to commit to daily sessions and allow adequate time before medical induction is scheduled.


It is prudent, therefore, to advise women to commence daily acupuncture induction treatment from at least 7 days prior to their medically scheduled induction. This ensures reasonable opportunity for the treatment to take full effect.

Some women will have little sensation during the treatment while others experience downward movement, urinary urge and abdominal tightening during and up to 5 hours post treatment.